(USA TODAY) -- Actor James Rebhorn, who plays Carrie's dad on the Showtime drama Homeland, has died, according to reports.

Rebhorn, who could cast steely eyes and deliver a stern demeanor, had long list of credits in television and film. He died Friday, The Hollywood Reporter says.

The 65-year-old's acting career spans decades. His most recent credits include Homeland, White Collar and Enlightened.

Seinfeld fans will remember him as the district attorney who sent Jerry and pals to jail on the series finale. He also is known for his role as Charles Garnett on Law & Order.

His film credits include Basic Instinct, Guarding Tess, My Cousin Vinny and Scent of a Woman.

Rebhorn started in daytime soap operas and was known for characters in favorites such as Search for Tomorrow, The Doctors and Guilding Light.

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