FARMINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Drug abuse is a problem in all parts of the country no matter how rural or urban the neighborhoods. The 14th Meth lab bust of the year happened recently in Maine. Pharmacy Robberies are also on the rise and another big problem is opiate addiction. Since Skip Gates' son overdosed on Heroin in 2009, he's devoted his retirement to making sure other kids don't go down that same path.

Skip got the call that his son, Will Gates, overdosed on Heroin during his junior year at the University of Vermont. He describes his son as an adventurous young man who loved fishing and was a great down hill ski racer. The news that he wouldn't get to enjoy those hobbies with Will anymore just about destroyed him.

"I was beside myself I didn't know what to do," said Skip.

Skip and his family had several sleepless nights and days when they would wonder what it would be like to see Will one last time. About a year after his 21-year-old son overdosed, Skip started speaking in schools through out northern New England. It's what he calls his therapy.

"Even though adolescence is about pushing the limits, there are some limits that might push back," said Skip during an assembly at Mount Blue High School in Farmington.

Skip has visited over 200 schools and was even invited to speak at the Opiate Conference in Vermont in 2010. He is hoping to talk at more schools in Maine. If you'd like Skip to visit your school, you can contact Heather Putnam at the U.S. Attorney's Office by calling 771-3229.

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