(NEWS CENTER) -- Summer is coming to an end and some kids are already back at school, while others are still making last minute jean and pencil purchases. Many school buses are back on the road, which means drivers need to be aware during the morning and afternoon commute of children getting on and off the bus.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the greatest risk for children is not riding the school bus, but approaching or leaving it. Some drivers don't stop when the school bus stop sign is out or pass when the red lights are flashing, despite the fact it is illegal and dangerous. The school bus "danger zone" is about 10 feet around the entire bus and children must be careful in that area. It's a good idea for parents to go over safety tips with their children. Kids need to wait until the bus driver indicates it is safe to make their way to the bus. Students should also always cross in front of the driver and never walk down the side of the bus.

For drivers when the red lights flash it is the law to stop and wait. Passing is illegal and the traffic ticket is very expensive. Bus drivers have the authority to report cars who pass to the police.


Police watching for school zone speeders

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