FARMINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The state's largest homeland security training drill happened Friday morning at the University of Maine at Farmington.

The scenario simulated several critical emergency scenarios, including an active shooter and hostage situation and car bombing on campus.

More than 20 emergency response offices and agencies were involved, including 200 people in various roles.

UMF student volunteers played the role of injured victims needing medical attention.

MEMA evaluators were there observing local, campus and county police, along with the fire departments, emergency medical services and Franklin Memorial Hospital responders.

Evaluator William Hussey said he observed Farmington firefighters adopt new techniques during the training.

"One of them got over the speaker of the fire truck and asked [the victims] to walk if they could walk out of the scene without subjecting people going in because being an explosive situation, they weren't sure if there was going to be another [bomb]," Hussey said. "And that worked very well."

A formal report will be given to participating organizations on the efficacy of their communications systems and the timeliness of their response to the emergency scenario.


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