AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A murder trial involving a complicated case got underway in Auburn this morning.

Michael McNaughton is on trial for the death of transient Romeo Parent in April of last year. He is accused of strangling Parent in a wooded area of Green and dumping his body in a stream in the town of Monmouth. Authorities say McNaughton was angry at Parent for giving police information about a burglary investigation.

The case is complicated because another person could soon be indicted for murder in this same case. The grand jury is meeting this week to consider the indictment. Also another man, Nathan Morton, was charged with murder in this case. He pleaded guilty to a lesser conspiracy charge and will testify in McNaughton's trial. The defense will try to use those other men to create reasonable doubt. The prosecutor told jurors Mcnaughton confessed to the crime.

"It was Michael McNaughton who brutally and savagely stabbed and strangled Romeo Parent to death and he is most emphatically guilty beyond any reasonable doubt.", Assistant Attorney General John Alsop told jurors.

McNaughton's attorney told jurors his client changed his story and confessed only after being badgered by police for hours.

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