The average person should shoot to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. That may sound like an overwhelming goal, but we have an idea of a fun way to get the job done. Why not enlist man's best friend to help.

Linda Mckinnon doesn't let a disability get in the way of his love of training and competing with dogs.

"I'm competitive, and that was something even with my disability I could still be competitive"

Breading corgis and competing for the past ten years has pushed her to keep moving. Ozzie, her latest partner in crime, is also defeating the odds. Last year Ozzie was ranked the number 18 dog in the country. Competing against dogs with four legs.

Enrolling man's best friend as your personal trainer is all about abandoning excuses. It can also help push you out of your comfort a good way of course.

Judy Coen tells us. "It's a commitment and it is everyday so you can't go do your summer exercise then come in and be a couch potato in the winter. That's good!"

Studies have shown that these furry little friends can also help reduce stress, fight against depression, lower blood pressure, and help protect your heart. Turns out Fido may be the secret to helping you live a happy and healthy life.

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