The goal is to raise half a million dollars. Sarcoma is often called 'the forgotten cancer' because there's very little awareness-- it makes up 1 percent of all cancers. The group plans to run 10-thousand miles in 8 months. And while they're not running they reminded of the cause -- inside their '94 Winnebago.


FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Traveling in a '94 Winnebago, Landon Cooper and the Miles2Give team have found hundreds of reasons to run.

The names of people affected by Sarcoma are written throughout their mobile home, providing motivation every day to raise money for Sarcoma research.

"Unfortunately it's called the forgotten cancer because of all the other funding and awareness going on with all the other cancers," Cooper said.

So they've set out to run 10,000 miles combined. A journey that could take up to 8 months to complete.

"[We] are running counter clock-wise around the entire perimeter around country. And that equals about 10 and half thousand miles," Cooper said. "So we're redefining what 10-k means."

In partnership with the Huntsman Cancer Institute, the goal is to raise $500,000 to fund needed sarcoma cancer research.

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